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free telephoneWe have been designing websites since 1996, and we know all that we need to know to bring your site to life in less than five days, and for just 300 Bucks! You will have lifetime hosting with your website design!

Your website will be designed in Wordpress, software that allows you the freedom to make alterations to your website whenever you wish.

Wordpress is such powerful software that you will be able to make you site work just like a magazine in minutes, bringing your product or service to the masses quickly and professionally.


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We have made it easy for you to get your site purchased and running. To get your site, do the following:

1. Purchase your website here:

2. Send us in Microsoft Word, Corel Word Perfect or Open Office Writer the following information:

  • Home Page - Your Introductory Paragraph(s)
  • About Us - Describe Your Company and What You Do
  • Products - List Your Products For Sale
  • Services - List all Your Services
  • Contact Us - List Your Contact Information

3. Send Us Your Photos - up to 30 of Them!

4. Send Us Your Domain Name Info and We'll Set You Up!

5. Email Us Your Info Here - email marketing

That's It!

toronto website design